Weekly Picks

Sweet little Mohair Bear, 0.8 Inch Brown 05 Micro Miniature Crochet Plush Toy by suami on Etsy

Whilst The Lion Sleeps by Oliver Lake on society6.com

Low Back Multicolor Cotton Dress – Perfect Fit Guaranteed by LanaStepl on Etsy

Art Print, The Feather by Judith Clay on Society6.com

BLACK KITTY CAT with Real Button Eyes Pillow by nacadecor on Etsy :

Weekly Picks

Print Katzenjammer by Goro79 http://t.co/u9jwipN (via deviantart.com)

Big poppy ruffle dress with belt by sweethomeboutique http://t.co/8hw4hGw via @Etsy

Betty Emu Art8x10 by HamjArt http://t.co/BpNw5BA via @Etsy

Cool but probably would not hang in my kid’s room: Industrobot Print by Mikeatron http://t.co/8a7EaI0 via @Etsy

Stop and smell the flowers mixed media by loveandpeascreations http://t.co/bZIlkU9 via @Etsy

Weekly Picks

NEW Art Print SILVER LINING by Robert by paintallnightstudios http://t.co/V0UqkVU via @Etsy

NEW Art Print SILVER LINING by Robert by paintallnightstudios http://t.co/V0UqkVU via @Etsy

Steampunk Penguin Necklace by freeheart1 http://t.co/B9V0k84 via @Etsy

Aqua Flower Power SKIRT of Vintage Polyester by RunzwithScissors http://t.co/pchZR7U via @Etsy

Capped sleeve Straight Dress with vintage lace-Size S-M by MirthQuakeClothing on Etsy http://etsy.me/k08Gkp

Katy Kristin

Every wanted to wear a flower necklace? If so Katy Kristin’s jewelry is perfect for you. And better yet her flowers don’t die. With loving details she brings the playfulness of flowers to life in felt. After seeing her works I am convinced felt is the perfect medium for capturing the essence of flowers.



The Rose-Lariat Necklace show left is a prime example of how beautifully Katy Kristin brings the joys of flowers to life using only felt, skill and probably a lot of love. Her work is full of so much life you will be temped to water it.

Monster Recommended for jewelry
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Michael Leu

Cats are the closest thing to a monster most humans will ever get near.  No creature is near to monster’s heart than a cat and few artist capture the essence of a cat better than Michael Leu. He has had a long career and wandered through many styles.  Most of his works draws its influence from European Expressionism. The works most enjoyed by HipMonsters harks to Matisse.


Studio Cat II has a cat doing what a cat does best, laying down. The cat’s weary eyes strains to look up. You feel as if you have disturbed his rest and want to pouch on him with loving attention. The lines seem drawn from a Zen-like state of mind.  The colors laid on as if rained down from the sky.  Michael Leu’s painting are a joy to own.

Monster Recommended for Art
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Emma SanCartier

Any monster can make room for a print or two from Emma SanCartier. She understands how misunderstood monsters are and brings our spirits out in her works.

Fairytale series print pack is a great way to get into Emma SanCartier ‘s world. It has five memorable fairytale- themed illustrations. With elegant details and bold but limited use of color she bring a scene to life. We always love works from her fairytale series.

Monster Recommended for illustrations
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Sita Rupe

Photography, paintings and more, Sita Rupe’s art is playful and cute sure to brighten any Monster’s home. Most of the paintings are mono-colored stencils over bold, retro designs. The work has a campy feel the harks to the stencils graffiti that cover much of the San Francisco Mission and Hayes Valley Districts as well as most major urban areas.



Although Sita Rupe does not sell her art on her site you can look through a gallery of her work here. Our favorite is shown right. An image of a skating girl barely able to keep upright against a 50’ish background it is somehow both sentimental and edgy.

Monster Recommended for Photography.
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