Welcome to HipMonsters.com, monsters hip to magic, robotics, and fun!  

Please look at our unique DIY crafts, see how we built our monsters, and read about our journey exploring San Francisco’s artistic culture! 

We take inspiration from magic, technology, steampunk art, and creative forces such as Girl Genius,  MythBusters, The Woodwright’s Shop, The Addams Family , Tim Burton, Harry Potter to name a few!

See our collection of robotics, monsters, art, and woodcraft.

DYI Robotic Walker
Working Robots

Orginial robots that can do your bidding!  Our designs explore different ways of building robots for practical use and just for fun

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Monster from wood.
Monster and Constructs

Creatures born from fallen trees and crafted with love. 

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Wooden Jewelry, Necklaces, Color Splash
Wooden Necklaces

Jewelry inspired by nature focusing on joy.

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Origional Woodcrafting designs, potions box

Hand-crafted unquie designs and guides on how to make them yourself.

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Steam Punk Contraption
Steampunk Designs

Orignal steampunk art, designs and contraptions.

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Wooden Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box


Wood puzzle boxes to keep your secrets safe -ish.  

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Wooden Wands

Unique wands designs and guides on how to make them yourself.

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Apothecary cabinet
Our Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary tips and tricks. We have urban garden secrets to share.

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