Kid-made Dog Robot Number Five

The Making of Number Five

Inspired by the Boston Dynamics robot videos, steampunk art, and Girl Genius, the HipMonster team set out to make their ...
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Wooden Puzzle box

Puzzle Box: Push My Button

After building a number of dovetail puzzle boxes the HipMonsters sister team set out to make their own unique design ...
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George the Mummy and project

The Making of George the Mummy

We wanted to give people a scare on Halloween and was inspired by a visit to Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum so ...
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Wooden Toy- Alligator

We decided to make a special present for our teachers at school. One of the teachers really loved alligators. Please ...
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Potion Cabinet

With all the potion-making we have been doing recently, we found that we needed a place to put our potion ...
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The Making of Number Three

The Making of Number 3 We saw the need for a new robot for halloween, so we made one. This ...
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Ladder Bookcase

How to Make a Ladder Bookcase This project is about how to build a ladder-like bookcase. This bookcase has less ...
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DIY Pump Drill

The Hip Monster's sister team has created a DIY pump drill. Pump drills are ancient tools used by many cultures ...
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Sun-Moon-Earth Orrery

ly Getting started Need to track the moon phases for that perfect time to cast a spell? Worried about when ...
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Shape Shifting Toy Robots

When the sisters team discovered Transform comics (Go WindBlade!) they wanted a whole city of Transformers to play with. While ...
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wooden staff

Staff – Twisting Wave

When we go hiking, we sometimes pick up some good pieces of wood to make into staffs or other creations ...
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Wooden Wand

Wand: Crimson Lava

Every wand we craft has unique mythos and a special spell. This wand is called the Crimson Lava. Mythos The ...
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