Vuduberi Art Seldom have monsters been treated with such tenderness as the monsters of Vuduberi. Giant yetis with mysterious expressions look out at you; you can decide if they are friend or foe. Round balls of penguins and cute little girls complete the cast of characters in the open ended story line of Vuduberi. Vuduberi sells well-made dolls, t-shirts, trinkets and prints.

Vuduberi Art I caught myself a yeti had an adorable little girl with a huge yeti in tow. Both are illustrated with rich but not goddy details. The hair on the yeti seems to be coming to life in a breeze. Both the yeti and the girl have blank expressions; it is up to you to decide how the story plays out. Is this a viable match or a prelude to a feast?

Monster Recommended for Art
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