Little Skillet SF

Is it so wrong I keep thinking about chicken and waffles after just one random encounter at little skillets? The chicken was so tender they must have been raised in some beautiful land where a hug is given out for free, waffles so sweet I strongly suspect they did something unnatural, not to mention illegal in most states, with donuts and drinks so stiff years of yoga would still make their downward dogs look like a plank. I sit in bed conjuring up the memory of piles of food before me with a burning drinking making it ways down my throat and wonder again and again, “Is this wrong?”

Joy from Little Skillets SF

Anthony’s Cookies

Want to bring out the inner monster within? Just go to Anthony’s Cookies and your inner cookie monster will spring to life in no time. Hidden near where Cesar Chavez street meets Valencia street in San Francisco, Anthony’s Cookies is one of the best a boutique cookie stores we have found.

Anthnony's Cookie San Francisco

With a wonderful menu of cookies to choose from you are sure to find a favorite. We love to get a mixed box (which is lovingly secured with neatly tied twine) but always make sure to get at least two cookies and cream.

Box of Anthony's Cookies

Anthony’s Cookies are cooked to perfection with high quality ingredients, elegant recipes and care. They have traditional flavors as well as seasonal specials like banana walnut. The chocolate chip cookie (the measure of any cookie maker) is exactly what one would expect -wonderful chocolate chip goodness wrapped in a well balanced cookie dough.

Anthony's Cookies unboxed

Its decor is clean and simple with seating up front to watch people stroll down Valencia Street showing off the latest fashion. Just get some cookies and milk then sit back and enjoy the City.

Anthony's Cookies store

Rating:  Rated 5 Monsters

Kid-friendly!  Kid-friendly

1417 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Mon-Sat 10 AM to 8 PM
Sun 10 AM to 6 PM

Indie Mart in the City

Indie Mart in San Francisco


Last weekend Indie-Mart got back into action with an outdoor event in San Francisco.  The weather was perfect, there was lots of vendors and everyone was in a festive mood. It has been awhile since the last Indie-Mart and we are very happy to see event return.  For those of you do not know about Indie-Mart it is a festival featuring indie artists and craftspeople. It is a great place to shop, eat or just hang out.
Indie Mart in San Francisco



There was a wide variety of vendors this year.  Soap seems to be in the new DIY trend.  The food variety this time was also greatly improved with chicken and waffles and Chairman Bao Bun Truck.  As always, they have a lots beer and wine to choose from. Check out Indie-Mart to see when the next event is.



Maggie Hurley's Art

I bought a great three piece series of robots by Maggie Hurley that I have been eyeing for sometime. I love her robots.


The Black Apple

The Black Apple Art Cute, clever and just beautiful to look at a Hip Monster will dig the art from The Black Apple. Her work has a timeless quality yet is thoroughly in the now. Mostly portraits of young woman, her art has symbolism hiding in every brush stroke. A blend of big eye art, folk art and Symbolism a Black Apple painting is a work to be explored.

The Black Apple Art
Squirrel Girl Print
shown on the left at first seems simple, a girl dressed up as a squirrel. But soon questions begin to arise. Why does her poise seem defiant yet defeated? Was she forced to wear the costume or is it her defense against the world?



The Black Apple Art Bubblegum Betty, shown below, is one of our favorite pieces. A sassy young girl staring back at you using her bubble as a mask.

Monster Recommended for Art
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Junior’s: The Best of NYC Cheesecake

Rating for cheesecake:  Rated 5 Monsters

Rating for restaurant:   Rated 3 Monsters

Kid-friendly!  Kid-friendly

Monsters love to travel, especially to large cities with a dense population, skyscrapers and monuments where a Monster can pose like Godzilla or King Kong. This week Monster is in New York City, and aside from attending a TV show taping and catching a hot-listed play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the thought of food is front and foremost on Monster’s mind!

New York City, in addition to being the capital of the world, is also a top foodie destination. The variety rivals the quality in just about everything, and all throughout town, residents and visitors alike will argue over the best bagel, the best hot dog, the best deli, the best pizza, the best chef-of-the-moment… It is the debate over the best cheesecake that brought Monster to Junior’s, a cheesecake bakery and restaurant that has grown from a single Brooklyn location in the 1950s to four store locations today.

Junior's Strawberry Cheesecake
Junior's Strawberry Cheesecake, Yum!
What can you expect from Junior’s flagship location in Brooklyn? A landmark building that evokes the 50s. Diner vibe with vintage booths and stools at the bar. Friendly and casual service with a decidedly Brooklyn attitude. Now it’s a full-fledged restaurant large enough to accommodate wedding receptions with the most extended of extended families, but stay focused: Skip the overpriced entrees (of which there is a huge selection — several pages worth, in fact) and go directly to the cheesecake section — that’s why you’re here anyway. In fact, you may not even want to walk beyond the cheesecake counter, visible from outside and immediately located near the entrance. Sit yourself down and feast your eyes on possibly the largest selection of cheesecakes of traditional and seasonal flavors: plain, strawberry, cherry crumb, apple crumb, chocolate swirl, raspberry swirl, brownie marble swirl, lemon coconut, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake cheesecake… It may just be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make.

May I make a suggestion? Don’t let the many flavors dazzle you to the point of confusion or indecision. Choose a long-time favorite or a classic, and avoid anything so fancy you can’t repeat the name without reading it off the menu, or combines so many ingredients you can’t taste the cheese in the cake. All the flavors are good: rich, decadent, and creamy, with a think crust for contrast. Monster’s favorite, though, is the strawberry cheesecake topped with so many fresh strawberries Monster would challenge you to try to squeeze one more in without the whole layer starting to slide down its base! The combination is just perfect: the tartness and juiciness of the fruit completes the creamy sweetness of the cheese, and the result is the universe in harmony, a balance between yin and yang.

Should you really want a full meal, Junior’s restaurant offers everything a you’d expect a diner to offer: breakfast, soup, salad, sandwiches, and more: from buffalo wings to homemade chili, from Hungarian beef goulash to Southern style fried catfish, from BBQ baby back ribs to Caribbean style lobster tails. Something must catch your fancy here. Serving size is generous, though quality is only average.

Additional Information

Great for families and groups. Not nearby? No problem. Juniors offers online ordering of their famous cheesecakes and two-day and overnight shipping, so that you can get your cheesecake fix without leaving your home.

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Rawtoast Design

Rawtoast Design Logo Check out Rawtoast Design for some interesting and fun limited edition prints and cool greeting cards. From revolutionary tofu to rainbow sprouting toilets to robot pirates the imagery excites a monster’s mind.

Rawtoast Design Art
The departure
is a prime example of work from Rawtoast Design. The style is influenced by folk Americana with sparing use of color and simple landscapes. Cute and sentimental the characters are deceptively simple, able to inspire hours of musing. The scenes are imaginative and fun often evoking memories from a seemingly shared childhood with the artist, Jesse Kuhn. He is available for commissioned work.

Monster Recommended for Artsy Prints
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