Indie Mart in the City

Indie Mart in San Francisco


Last weekend Indie-Mart got back into action with an outdoor event in San Francisco.  The weather was perfect, there was lots of vendors and everyone was in a festive mood. It has been awhile since the last Indie-Mart and we are very happy to see event return.  For those of you do not know about Indie-Mart it is a festival featuring indie artists and craftspeople. It is a great place to shop, eat or just hang out.
Indie Mart in San Francisco



There was a wide variety of vendors this year.  Soap seems to be in the new DIY trend.  The food variety this time was also greatly improved with chicken and waffles and Chairman Bao Bun Truck.  As always, they have a lots beer and wine to choose from. Check out Indie-Mart to see when the next event is.



Maggie Hurley's Art

I bought a great three piece series of robots by Maggie Hurley that I have been eyeing for sometime. I love her robots.


The Black Apple

The Black Apple Art Cute, clever and just beautiful to look at a Hip Monster will dig the art from The Black Apple. Her work has a timeless quality yet is thoroughly in the now. Mostly portraits of young woman, her art has symbolism hiding in every brush stroke. A blend of big eye art, folk art and Symbolism a Black Apple painting is a work to be explored.

The Black Apple Art
Squirrel Girl Print
shown on the left at first seems simple, a girl dressed up as a squirrel. But soon questions begin to arise. Why does her poise seem defiant yet defeated? Was she forced to wear the costume or is it her defense against the world?



The Black Apple Art Bubblegum Betty, shown below, is one of our favorite pieces. A sassy young girl staring back at you using her bubble as a mask.

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Rawtoast Design

Rawtoast Design Logo Check out Rawtoast Design for some interesting and fun limited edition prints and cool greeting cards. From revolutionary tofu to rainbow sprouting toilets to robot pirates the imagery excites a monster’s mind.

Rawtoast Design Art
The departure
is a prime example of work from Rawtoast Design. The style is influenced by folk Americana with sparing use of color and simple landscapes. Cute and sentimental the characters are deceptively simple, able to inspire hours of musing. The scenes are imaginative and fun often evoking memories from a seemingly shared childhood with the artist, Jesse Kuhn. He is available for commissioned work.

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Revolver SF

Revolver SF Store A store with a Hip Monster in mind, Revolver SF (now closed) has the latest fashion and wears. Want a black leather jacket that will make your friends jealous? Need that trendy little cat to fend off the cold night San Francisco wind? Revolver SF is the place to go. Before daring the fashion police in the Mission District it is a must to at least window shop at.

Revolver SF Cloths
Designs are modern and perfect for a night out on the town. Typical of their style is the Denham Spy Plus – Womens’ Biker Jacket shown left.


Revolver San Francisco
136 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Store Hours: 12 to 8pm

Binary Winter

Binary Winter Logo If looking for trendy and quirky t-shirts Binary Winter is a good place to begin with lots of limited edition designs that will make other T-Shirt adorning Monsters jealous. (Monsters are suckers for t-shirts involving armed squirrels.)
Binary Winter Tanktop
Most designs by Binary Winter are mono-colored and subtle -all the best to hide their twisted sense of reality. With cool shirt styles and colors to choose from you are sure to find one that matches your inner monster.

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Dorklandia Design Cute, quirky and fun Dorkland is a monster’s favorite. They have lots of crocheted creatures and monsters sure to be the favorite toys in the lair. Colorful and soft they warm a monsters heart. One problem is keeping the tempting creations away from your cat.

Dorklandia Designs
The merchandise changes frequently so be sure to check Dorklandia out on a regular biases. Their scarfs are a must to venture out on a cold San Francisco night.

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Laura George

Laura George Art Surreal yet fun, Laura George’s work harks back to the vivid and fun imagery of the Seventies. From a fun loving sloth to a monster telling you not to panic the art is creative and playful, a good fit for any monster’s home.

Laura George Art There are lots of nice people to meet (shown left) is a great example of her work. Stylized faces stare out from the art each with there own distinct personality. From the boyish face looking far away to the woman who seems consumed in gloom, each face has a story to tell. This is true of all her work. They are snapshots from a still unfolding story which we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of.


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NifNaks Toys NifNaks wool creations are playful, bright and sure to make your office-mates jealous. The designs are influenced by Japanese styles with minimal but well chosen use of details.  They are perfect to liven up and cubicle or room.



NifNaks MonkeyNifNaks’ Chee! the Monkey – desk pet is condensed cuteness.  Its innocent baby face stares out at you for attention. From the the tiny ears to the long tail it is darling ball of wool.

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