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Modenski has simple, European inspired designs with a quirky sense of humor. Bold graphics, minimal use of color the images are like hieroglyphics delivering fun messages in a utilitarian way. They are like Bauhaus but with a sense of humor.


Modenski art

Modenski’s Monster calenders shows off their skill. With their simple but expressive drawings of monsters, it is the perfect blend of gruesome and cute to help you start off the day with a smile.


Monster Recommended for innovative paper goods

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Strawberry Luna

Strawberry Luna Logo
Original posters and prints from Strawberry Luna will make any Monster’s lair looks hip and happening. Bright and bold Strawberry Luna’s designs are modern and retro all at the same time. Check out their calendars.


Strawberry Luna Art
Going to see my Baby Yellow

Going To See My Baby Yellow is a bright colorful print. Rich in modern city cultural, you can feel the excitement as the young bicyclist as they draw closer to their lover.

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Frantic Meerkat

Frantic Meerkat Logo
With a name like Frantic Meerkat how could they go wrong. For the creature loving Monster, Frantic Meerkat offers cute art and post cards with a creature theme. Using original art and reused vintage images Frantic Meerkat caters to the quirky.

Frantic Meerkat Art Magnet Pack-o-Rama from Frantic Meerkat will bring humor to any refrigerator door. A retro image of a prancing women holding a plate of waffles in one hand and bottle of wine in another, hedonism at its best. Although I think a mimosa or two goes better with waffles it is hard to argue that “lets get drunk and eat waffles” is not a very good idea.

Recommended for critter cards.
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