Wand: Flame Tamer

Every wand we craft has unique mythos and a special spell. This wand is called the Flame Tamer.


Handcrafted DIY Wooden Wand with rosemary


Flame Tamer was created on a hot sunny day which gave its power to control fire. 

Special Spell  

Control fire.

First, create a circle of fire. Then speak the incantation:

ignis coercere

While waving the wand in a circle then thrusting the wand through toward the flames.  Focus your mind on an animal, like a hawk or a wolf, that you are most aligned with. The fire will assume the shape of that animal and will obey your commands. 

It is 16 inches long.  This wand was made from pine and was soaked in rose petals and red clay. it was spoke shaved with a small bend in the middle. 

Happy Casting!

Handcrafted DIY Wooden Wand

Handcrafted DIY Wooden Wand