Ana Apple

Ana Apple Designs For those monsters out there with little ones Ana Apple is the place to go to make sure your little monsters is the hippest little monster on the block. Well-made and cute toddler wear, toys and more you are sure to find a great gift to spoil your special bundle of joy. Designs are playful and cute.

Ana Apple Designs
Etty Owl Onesie
shown right is a sure way to pimp out your kid before your afternoon cruise through the neighborhood.

Monster Recommended for Cute Kid Wear


Bird Versus Bird

Bird Versus Bird Logo Cool graphics on dumpster-destined scrap materials Bird Versus Bird has items from coin purses to stickers to pins. A bird-lover will enjoy the arrays of colorful and well-drawn birds to choose from. Plus, you get to feel good about saving one more thing from ending up in a landfill.


Bird Versus Bird Art Eight pack of Eco Friendly Coin Purses, each with its own cute critter from Bird Versus Bird. The illustrations are reminiscent of a bird watcher book -ever faithful to the creature in question.

Recommended for eco friendly gifts
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