Revolver SF

Revolver SF Store A store with a Hip Monster in mind, Revolver SF (now closed) has the latest fashion and wears. Want a black leather jacket that will make your friends jealous? Need that trendy little cat to fend off the cold night San Francisco wind? Revolver SF is the place to go. Before daring the fashion police in the Mission District it is a must to at least window shop at.

Revolver SF Cloths
Designs are modern and perfect for a night out on the town. Typical of their style is the Denham Spy Plus – Womens’ Biker Jacket shown left.


Revolver San Francisco
136 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Store Hours: 12 to 8pm

Binary Winter

Binary Winter Logo If looking for trendy and quirky t-shirts Binary Winter is a good place to begin with lots of limited edition designs that will make other T-Shirt adorning Monsters jealous. (Monsters are suckers for t-shirts involving armed squirrels.)
Binary Winter Tanktop
Most designs by Binary Winter are mono-colored and subtle -all the best to hide their twisted sense of reality. With cool shirt styles and colors to choose from you are sure to find one that matches your inner monster.

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Ana Apple

Ana Apple Designs For those monsters out there with little ones Ana Apple is the place to go to make sure your little monsters is the hippest little monster on the block. Well-made and cute toddler wear, toys and more you are sure to find a great gift to spoil your special bundle of joy. Designs are playful and cute.

Ana Apple Designs
Etty Owl Onesie
shown right is a sure way to pimp out your kid before your afternoon cruise through the neighborhood.

Monster Recommended for Cute Kid Wear


Fat Rabbit Farm

Fat Rabbit Farm LogoAlthough the name is misleading (several of us Monsters here were drooling when we heard the name) Fat Rabbit Farm has art, apparel, short graphic novels about a fat rabbit struggling with her addiction to food. The Asian-inspired art is cute and campy.

Fat Rabbit Farm T-Shirt
Defender of Sweet Treats
, protecting the world against offending vegetables. A fat, stylized rabbit shoots an evil broccoli with lazer beams coming from her eyes, while the message may not be appealing to all, you cannot deny the campy cuteness.

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Fuzzy Ink

Fuzzy Ink logo A site dedicated to paying homage facial hair of all sort Fuzzy Ink is a furry monster’s delight. T-Shirt, prints and accessories of all sort with images of mustache wearing humans.


Fuzzy Ink T-Shirt A bit more campy than other Fuzzy Ink’s styles our favorite is Saddle Up shown left. It sticks to their only mustache theme with a bearded old man riding a cute, but tough looking squirrel. Although we appreciate artist who stick to their theme, it would be interesting to see a work or two without facial hair.

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Bossanova Baby

Bossanova Baby Logo
Bossanova Baby has woman’s apparel with a quirky, timeless appeal. Their hand crafted skirts are suitable for a night out on the town, work or to wear just around the lair. You are sure to find cool clothing for young and not so young monster.



Bossanova Baby Skirt Inspired by the 1940’s the Black A-Line Skirt w/ Pink Screen Printed Bird is a simple skirt with a elegant stitched design on it. Nothing beats these traditional style skirts for fun. Never over-bearing, Bossanova Baby’s designs allows you be subtle in your coolness.

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Fieldday Wearables

Fieldday Wearables Logo
Cute trendy clothes with a vintage feel, any Monster can make room for a skirt or two from Fieldday Wearables. Made in Oakland California, they wears follow the most recent fashion trends for hip monsters like you.



Fieldday Wearables Cloths Cool and all organic bamboo and organic cotton hoody dress with dandelions and sunshine print is prefect for a hot summer day. A blend of punk and girlish charm, the dress will help bring out your independent spirit.

Monster Recommended for Trendy-Apparel

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Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu's art For cute, Asian-inspired art and t-shirts check out Martin Hsu. His style is a great blend of Japanese Anime and the hip cartoon style so popular in San Francisco. His works range from evil cute, vicious-looking creatures that are nonetheless adorable to the eye to outright painfully cute.

Martin Hsu T-Shirt Design Dragon is typical of Martin Hsu’s style. A boy wearing a dragon suit stands proud while adorning a mischievous smile. With bright, contrasting colors and playful lines, Martin Hsu’s works always bring cheer.

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