Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk Jewelry

Where technology and beauty meet, our steampunk jewelry embraces the genius within! This collection of steampunk jewelry is fit for all steampunk-loving monsters. We were inspired by some of the cool steampunk gadgets in the books and movies that we have read/watched. Here are all of the books and movies that we were inspired by: Girl Genius, Secrets in the Mist, Howl’s Moving Castle, Clockwork Fairytales, Map to Everywhere, and Castle in the Sky.

DIY steampunk brooch
Circle of Power Brooch

The Circle of Power brooch lights up to illuminate the center gemstone. It is two inches in diameter and has a magnetic attachment. To make this, we glued a Mancala gem on a gear and put it in a metal bottle cap. We then secured fairy lights around it and attached a lightweight battery to power them. You can easily turn on and off the fairy lights, and it is easy to replace the battery. The brooch is attached by very strong magnets, so you don’t have to poke holes in the thing that you are attaching it to.

DIY steampunk jewelry
Gears of Time

The Gears of Time choker is about six inches long and attached with a clasp. To make this, we sewed gears onto a normal black choker making sure they looked as if the meshed together and could work. To add depth and complexity we stacked gears on top of one another and used hot glue to secure them. We wanted the choker to fit tightly so it appear that you were peering into the inner workings of a robot.