Cosplay- Dragon’s Tail and Wings

Still a work in progress the initial design gives the grace of a dragon to little humans. The wings are crafted from polypropylene plastic designed to fold to fit into tight spaces. The tail is poplar and has a mind of its own always twitching to say hello.

We will keep you posted as our design is refined to meet the delight of dragons everywhere.

Staff- Twisting Wave

Monster staffs are typically made from found wood that calls to us. Designed to aid travelers and repel the occasional Coyota (although, they are seriously misunderstood creatures!)

Twisting Wave is made from a fallen eucalyptus branch, smoothed with monster care, and dye using our special herbs! She is ready for a twisted journey along the coast.

Crimson Lava


 Crimson Lava


The wand Crimson Lava pulls in the magic of volcanos so needs an especially strong witch or wizard to wield its power.  It is said to have been crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii during a large eruption.

Special Spell

Accive Sassa Liquefacta (Summon Lava)

It is 13 1/2 inches long. Made of poplar grown in the Hip Monster’s realm. The wood was spoke shaven straight, soaked in oil with a red clay then polished with bee’s wax.

Every wand comes with its lore and a special spell that is made especially for it.

Happy Casting!

Little Skillet SF

Is it so wrong I keep thinking about chicken and waffles after just one random encounter at little skillets? The chicken was so tender they must have been raised in some beautiful land where a hug is given out for free, waffles so sweet I strongly suspect they did something unnatural, not to mention illegal in most states, with donuts and drinks so stiff years of yoga would still make their downward dogs look like a plank. I sit in bed conjuring up the memory of piles of food before me with a burning drinking making it ways down my throat and wonder again and again, “Is this wrong?”

Joy from Little Skillets SF