Ladder Bookcase

How to Make a Ladder Bookcase

This project is about how to build a ladder-like bookcase. This bookcase has less room because its sides slope in towards the top but fit well into small spaces and is very sturdy, a perfect place for books!

First, you get all the materials:

    • 2 clamps
    • a bottle of wood glue
    • 5  48 X 3.5 X .5 inch wood planks (we used reclaimed wood)
    • 4  36 X 5/8 inch Oak Dowel Rods  
    • 4 48X 2 X 3/4 inch cheery wooden boards
    • a saw
    • sandpaper ( Course and fine grit)
    • drill
    • 3/4 inch bit


  • 4 MDF Wood Board 6x8x.0785
  • Wood Stapler
  • No Screws or nails!

Now you can begin. First, on the 48X 2 X 3/4 inch cherry beam make a straight line one inch from the top. This you will line up with the edge of the circular saw.  

Next, you cut a twenty-degree angle so that the tip touches the corner.

Then, if there is access cut it off while not impacting the angle.

Then, you make dots 11 inches apart in the center of the 48X 2 X 3/4 inch cherry beams. 

Next, you clamp both pieces of wood together, to make drilling more accurate.

Then, you drill a hole on all the dots while keeping the wood clamped together.

Then, put them aside to use later.

Then, mark 3 of the 48 by 3.5 by 0.5-inch wooden boards at 22 inches. 

Next, measure a 36 X 5/8 inch pole and mark it at fifteen inches.

Then, cut the pole at your mark, repeat 9 times. if the pole is too wide for your hole, sand it, if it is too thin, then wedge some pieces of wood between the pole and the hole. 

Next, stick the poles in the holes that you drilled so that it looks like this. After that, put the other two wood beams on the other side as well. Make sure not to alternate. 

Nearly done, mark the other three 48 X 3.5 X .5 inch boards at 30 inches each. 

Finally, clamp all three of the boards together. Then, cut them at 30 inches while keeping them clamped, and remember to use both sides for shelves. 

Congratulations, you’re Ladder bookcase is complete, Happy Crafting!

Cosplay- Dragon’s Tail and Wings

Still a work in progress the initial design gives the grace of a dragon to little humans. The wings are crafted from polypropylene plastic designed to fold to fit into tight spaces. The tail is poplar and has a mind of its own always twitching to say hello.

We will keep you posted as our design is refined to meet the delight of dragons everywhere.

Staff- Twisting Wave

Monster staffs are typically made from found wood that calls to us. Designed to aid travelers and repel the occasional Coyota (although, they are seriously misunderstood creatures!)

Twisting Wave is made from a fallen eucalyptus branch, smoothed with monster care, and dye using our special herbs! She is ready for a twisted journey along the coast.

Crimson Lava


 Crimson Lava


The wand Crimson Lava pulls in the magic of volcanos so needs an especially strong witch or wizard to wield its power.  It is said to have been crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii during a large eruption.

Special Spell

Accive Sassa Liquefacta (Summon Lava)

It is 13 1/2 inches long. Made of poplar grown in the Hip Monster’s realm. The wood was spoke shaven straight, soaked in oil with a red clay then polished with bee’s wax.

Every wand comes with its lore and a special spell that is made especially for it.

Happy Casting!