Upgrades to Number 3

Steampunk robot

Since we discovered how to make Number 5 move, we decided to upgrade Number 3. We tried to preserve as much of the original design as possible, so we didn’t mess with the decorations or redesign the frame. We also made the legs stronger so the robot could support itself easily and won’t fall. Professor Brockenhoff was very pleased with being able to more effectively scare strangers!

Please note, this material is provided for informational and fun purposes only and is not a guide on how to create the designs. Please read our disclaimer.

We started off by disassembling number three.  Given how Number Three was designed as a framework, it was pretty easy to take apart.

Robotic Arm being built

Number 3’s Arm being Upgraded

We wanted to upgrade Number 3 to make it move. Since walking with two legs is incredibly hard, we decided to only make the arms and hands move. We first used hinges to upgrade the hands so that they could open and close. Next, we had to replace the fixed joints with movable joints. Borrowing from extra part from Number Five, we added flexible joints for pipes to power a air brush. The added weight of the metal join required use adding more support for the legs.  We tried plastic joints, but they failed durning testing.

Then we attached lightweight linear actuators to the joints to move them.  Given we wanted more controlled movement and a quieter robot for our front parlor, we opted for electronic verse pneumatic power.  We attached the linear actuators so that when they extended, the arms reached out and when they pull back, the arms bent.

And finally, for controls, we used a remote control unit for garage doors.  Since we need the polarity to switch (the wires reverse, positive/negative to negative/positive) to have the linear actuators go in and out we had to make sure the control unit reversed the polarity not just turned the power off and on.

And now you see the update Number Three testing its arms with Professor Brockenhoff at the controls!

Happy Creating!