The Black Apple

The Black Apple Art Cute, clever and just beautiful to look at a Hip Monster will dig the art from The Black Apple. Her work has a timeless quality yet is thoroughly in the now. Mostly portraits of young woman, her art has symbolism hiding in every brush stroke. A blend of big eye art, folk art and Symbolism a Black Apple painting is a work to be explored.

The Black Apple Art
Squirrel Girl Print
shown on the left at first seems simple, a girl dressed up as a squirrel. But soon questions begin to arise. Why does her poise seem defiant yet defeated? Was she forced to wear the costume or is it her defense against the world?



The Black Apple Art Bubblegum Betty, shown below, is one of our favorite pieces. A sassy young girl staring back at you using her bubble as a mask.

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Bossanova Baby

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Bossanova Baby has woman’s apparel with a quirky, timeless appeal. Their hand crafted skirts are suitable for a night out on the town, work or to wear just around the lair. You are sure to find cool clothing for young and not so young monster.



Bossanova Baby Skirt Inspired by the 1940’s the Black A-Line Skirt w/ Pink Screen Printed Bird is a simple skirt with a elegant stitched design on it. Nothing beats these traditional style skirts for fun. Never over-bearing, Bossanova Baby’s designs allows you be subtle in your coolness.

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