Puzzle Box: Push My Button

After building a number of dovetail puzzle boxes the HipMonsters sister team set out to make their own unique design. We explored many designs and drew influence from creations like this one on YouTube. The sisters wanted something that looked deceptively simple and easy to make.  Thus was born Push My Button! 

Please note, this material is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only and is not a guide on how to create the designs.  Please read our disclaimer.

DIY Wooden Puzzle box
Side View

Here is Push My Button from a side view.  The sides are made from a several of 1/4 wooden square dowels.  These are our goto material for many of our designs.

DIY Wooden Puzzle box
Top View

The top, sides and bottom are made from 1/8 inch plywood.

DIY wooden puzzle box
Corner view

Here is a view of a corner. We purposely made it look slapped together to confuse people. The lopsided look makes it appear that the sides of bottom can be slipped off- which cannot be done.

DIY wooden puzzle box
Which button to press?

But the key to opening Push My Button to to press the correct button… but which one? We added spacers between some of the dowels and aligned them irregularly to make harder to tell which one is the key. 

DIY Wooden Puzzle box

When we give it as a gift we usually leave earings or chocolate inside to reward the reciever once them uncover the trick.

Happy creating!


Puzzle Boxes

This puzzle box was inspired by Roy Underhill’s Woodwright Shop. Based on an early American grease pot design it is crafted out of poplar. It measures 8 inches by 3 inches, just big enough to hide special jewels or a secret treasure.


Handcraft Wooden Puzzle box DYI
Puzzle Box

The clean dove tail is essential to making this puzzle box work.  Ideally you want to use a harder would that you used for the box. 


Handcraft Wooden Puzzle box DYI
Dovetail close up


Starting a dovetail for a puzzle box
Measuring a dovetail

Use a chisel to measure the width of a dovetail.  Cut two sets of parallel line and remove the outer edges,


DIY wooden puzzel box
Cutting the lid and lock.

Make use to secure the wood and cut very slowly to get a clean cut. If using a Japanese saw let the weight of the saw do the cutting,


DIY wodden puzzle box
Drill a hole after cutting off the lid to help align the pieces better.

We tried drilling the hole before cutting and found out the pieces did not align tightly.  Even a thin blade takes a lot of material from a piece of wood.

DIY wodden puzzle box
Finished box


Remember to carve out the dovetail before cutting the lid and lock.  Be prepared to make mistakes- that is all part of the process.  For the locking slider make sure it is angled to secure the lid.  We made that mistake more than once.  We used the mistake in other projects.

Handcraft Wooden Puzzle box DYI
Fully opened


To make the dove tail pop we typically use a darker stain.  It make it harder to unlock, you can painted the whole piece to hide the locking mechanism.

Happy crafting!