Monster: Allie

Wooden monster, kid-made

The Hip Monsters team does not like trees going to waste so whenever we stumble upon a piece of wood too rotten or misshapen to be used for out projects, we create a wooden monster!

 steampunk, monster, woodcraft

Born from a dead branch of a juniper bush, this monster is built to protect a child’s room. It is very possessive and will only allow one monster in the room at a time. Perfect for making sure human children have a restful nighttime sleep.

Wooden Monster, kid-made, front view
Allie from the front.

We made Allie’s eyes out of two styrofoam balls.

Wooden monster kid-made- rearview
Allie from the rear.

Allie was one of our first monsters and is at the front of our house very Halloween!

Happy Creating!