Steampunk Contraption Model Beta

DIY Steampunk contraption

The Hip Monsters team decided to make something that interests people when they walk into the room. Inspired by Girl Genius. and this SteamPunk creation, we made a mysterious steampunk device that only we know the use of.

Handmade steampunk device
Our amazing steampunk device.

This is our steampunk creation. It has two light bulbs, a pressure gauge, and some metal pipes. The light bulbs’ brightness is adjustable.

DIY steampunk device
The side view

This is the side view of our device. You can see that on the side of the creation, there is a silver metal box. That controls the brightness of the lightbulbs.

DIY steampunk device
The back view

On the back, you can see that there is a wire going from the silver box away from the device. that is where you plug in the device to the outlet. From the front it is barely noticeable, you can only see it from certain angles.

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