Revolver SF

Revolver SF Store A store with a Hip Monster in mind, Revolver SF has latest fashion and wears. Want a black leather jacket that will make your friends jealous? Need that trendy little cat to fend off the cold night San Francisco wind? Revolver SF is the place to go. Before daring the fashion police in the Mission District it is a must to at least window shop at.

Revolver SF Cloths
Designs are modern and perfect for a night out on the town. Typical of their style is the Denham Spy Plus – Womens’ Biker Jacket shown left.



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Revolver San Francisco
136 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Store Hours: 12 to 8pm

The Cats Are In at Borderlands!

All too rare today is a neighborhood bookstore. Alas, online giants like Amazon, along with ubiquitous brick-and-mortar chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble, have almost eliminated them all. The few left are often struggling with an air of defiant desperation you can smell from their outdated and disappointing selection.

Ripley the Cat at Borderlands
Ripley the Cat at Borderlands

Not Borderlands. This fine San Francisco institution, located conveniently in the Mission, is not only open 7 days a week from noon until 8 pm, but thriving with author signings, guest speakers, and other events. And did Monster mention it specializes in new and used genre literature: science fiction, horror, and fantasy? How cool is that? Not only can you keep up with new releases here, but also purchase periodicals or DVDs domestic and imported, find out-of-print or rare books, or at a bargain price, a sci-fi classic you’ve been yearning to curl up with!

Monster loves sci-fi and horror, especially those featuring Monsters! The selection is large and excellent, and Borderlands is so much more than a bookstore. Read their mission statement, and you’ll realize that they strive to be a “social and professional center for readers, writers, publishers, reviewers, artists and other individuals with a strong interest in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Macabre Fiction,” and succeed they did.

The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and should you be looking for something specific, they will happily search for it for you, along with the Borderlands hairless cats, who may regally rest on top of the computer monitor or strike a pose next to the author/speaker. Either way, they bring a casual sense of community and family to the store. Monster thinks they feel like heated fuzzy peaches, odd but in a comforting way.

Visit Borderlands if you haven’t already, and please, if you find something you like, purchase it here! By helping to support it as a business, you also support it as a great neighborhood place for readers, authors, and even cats, to hang out.

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Yummy Macarons at Paulette, Now in San Francisco!


There’s something about a macaron that renders it irresistible to almost everyone — especially Monsters! (What, aren’t you familiar with the Cookie Monster? Monsters are obsessed with dessert!) Is it the fluffy-as-cloud almond batter? Or the intense flavor of the melts-in-your-mouth filling? Or perhaps it’s the cute sandwich forms in a rainbow range of colors? It certainly doesn’t hurt that it is rarely spotted in a U.S. bakery that each discovery carries with it a special hint of decadent pleasure!

Six different macaron flavors from Paulette Macarons
Six different macaron flavors from Paulette Macarons: passion fruit, raspberry, sweet wedding almond, Madagascar vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, and a surprisingly delicious violet cassis.

San Francisco foodies have been coveting those lucky enough to reside near Beverly Hills, where Paulette Macarons has been a Mecca for macaron worshipers. Well, great news! Paulette has opened a store in the trendy Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco! Yay!

Hand-made daily with care by master pastry chef Christophe Michalak and air-transported from Beverly Hills, these little cookies come in a dozen flavors, from the traditional Vanilla and Pistachio to the less common Rose and Violet. Load up on your favorite flavor or try one of each. What’s your favorite flavor?

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Paulette's signature box for six macarons
Paulette’s signature box for six macarons.

The Hayes Valley store offers limited indoor and outdoor seating, perfect if you can’t make it out the door without sampling a delicious macaron…or a dozen. Or, order online in case they run out of your favorite flavor!

Just when you think these little desserts couldn’t possibly be dressed up any prettier, Paulette comes through with cute gift boxes perfectly sized for two, six, twelve, or twenty-four macarons. Guaranteed to delight any friend, hostess, or birthday girl/guy/monster!

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Comfort Food at Blue Plate


Blue Plate San Francisco
Entrance to the Blue Plate

Blue Plate, a place for high caliber, organic, free-range comfort food, popular among the San Francisco hipster foodies who whisper its name in reverence. An understated front with an old-fashioned neon EAT sign underlines its coolness: business is good enough that no advertising is necessary. A place to see and be seen, its tight seating arrangement especially in the front section is not conducive for Monster gatherings (or even human parties with kids); luckily, the back dining section over-looking a backyard offers a few tables for large groups. Reservation is essential, as there is no waiting area, and one can only look cool and hip and nonchalant for so long while shivering in the cold outside its entrance, shooting longing glances at the clipboard wait list on the wall.

Food quality is definitely very good, though perhaps menu options are not what one may consider fine dining: think meatloaf instead of foie gras.


  • Macaroni and drunken Spanish goat cheese (side dish): a must. Perfectly cooked macaroni with cheese so finger-licking-delicious you’ll be wiping the dish clean.
  • Brussels sprouts (side dish): None of the main dishes comes with a healthy serving of vegetables. If you’re a fan of brussel sprouts (everyone seems to either love them or hate them), get the side dish here. It comes with just the right amount of garlic and a pinch of chili to make it interesting. The bread crumbs bring a hint of crunchiness and makes it pair very well with the Mac & Cheese (see above).
  • Meatloaf: Their signature dish, Monster-sized, or, large enough for two humans. Not your mom’s meatloaf — in a good way. It comes with mashed potatoes that hold their own. The green beans are so few one might wonder if the kitchen were running low.
  • Ribeye steak: Again, Monster-sized portions. Excellent meat, though the kitchen tends to overcook slightly: the rare looks more like medium-rare to me, the medium a tad well-done — not the best way to treat a top cut of meat.
  • Fried chicken: Nothing to complain about, but if that’s your thing, head over to The Front Porch a mere block away, which does it better. Or, there’s always Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet in Soma, where the food is so good the restaurant operates without tables or even cloth napkins.

Additional Info

Save room for dessert: chocolate cake with melted caramel, creme brulee, etc. Excellent wine list. Service is a bit hit & miss. The place is positively hopping and requests for more water or another glass of wine may take a while to get fulfilled. Can get loud.

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Katy Kristin

Katy Kristin LogoEvery wanted to wear a flower necklace? If so Katy Kristin’s jewelry is perfect for you. And better yet her flowers don’t die. With loving details she brings the playfulness of flowers to life in felt. After seeing her works I am convinced felt is the perfect medium for capturing the essence of flowers.



Katy Kristin Art The Rose-Lariat Necklace show left is a prime example of how beautifully Katy Kristin brings the joys of flowers to life using only felt, skill and probably a lot of love. Her work is full of so much life you will be temped to water it.

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Gangs of San Francisco

Gangs of San Francisco Logo Perfect gifts for that bicycle-punk in your family, Gangs of San Francisco have t-shirts sporting vintage inspired logos of gangs from San Francisco’s Barbary Coast past. A history lesson as well, each shirts has a story linked to it revealing the more colorful side to San Francisco’s history.


Gangs of San Francisco T-Shirt Devil’s Acre in the 1870’s was a part of San Francisco known for young men ready for an adventure. Subtle with it’s subculture imagery, this t-shirt will show you are a devil-may-care, history buff Monster is a unpretentious way.





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Viracocha Logo From their site: “As a collective group of local artists & performers, our intention is to cultivate & spread the creative spirit that runs through the heart of our city and shapes the very way we interact with each other. By focusing mainly on Vintage & Antique products, in fun, creative, and interactive ways, we hope to offer new perspective on Reused & Redesigned materials.” -A definite hip monster hang.

Viracocha Art
Monster Recommended for finding odd things:

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Store location:
998 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 374-7048

Neon Monster

Neon Monster Logo A great San Francisco comic book store between Noe Valley and the Castro. Small but selective merchandise for the inner Monster in all of us. If you are not into comics this is a good place to get started. Plus us monsters can hang out by the big fake monster outside and nobody notices.

Monster Recommended Comic Book Store:

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Store locations
901 Castro Street
San Francisco, California

Ruby Gallery

Ruby Gallery Jewelry Ruby Gallery, filled with the quirky and beautiful jewelry, clothing and more. Their Jewelery tend towards modern designs with heavy use of materials such as glass and resin and organic imagery. In the store they also have a collection of apparel and accessories. 

Ruby Gallery Jewelery Black Birds on a Red Background is vivid and passionate. Against a red sky black birds take flight setting the tone for an adventurous night.

Monster Recommended for jewelry.
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1431 Haight Street
San Francisco ,CA